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The macbook-intel-ppc bootcd is a bootable floppy for Macintosh with Mac OS X 10.4.11 PowerPC. The iBootChameleon is a version of iBoot for Linux which can boot MacOS X Chameleon CD. References External links iBoot for PowerPC at iBoot Chameleon for PowerPC at MacChameleon bootCd at How to boot Chameleon CD on a Mac – Category:Mac OS developmentQ: Twitter Bootstrap 2.3 in React I'm using the twitter-bootstrap 2.3.2 in React and I need help understanding how to get rid of the sidebar and side panels. I'm trying to style my navbar on the right side of the page so I don't have the side panels. Can someone provide me an example or link to an example? I'm a little lost. A: Here's an example I just made. the sound of bone breaks and of flesh tearing, of screams and shouts, and the sickly sweet odor of blood filled the air. It was a nauseating stink, and then blood was everywhere. The ground was slippery with it, and the walls around us were splattered with it. The Roman soldiers we killed spilled it and it was all over their armor. It ran down the faces of the female slaves who followed them, and it ran down our hands as we shoved our spears into them. The cut of the sword is the sweetest sound The Roman soldiers had surrounded the men with the animals, and now they swarmed over them, cutting off their heads with their swords. The women were tossed onto the pavement and stabbed with their swords, their blood drenching their ankles and pooling around their feet. Screams filled the air, but no one seemed to hear them. I knew why, too. There were dozens of children with us, and they were the ones screaming. They were the ones who looked at their parents, their faces stricken with the awful realization that their mother and father were dying, and they were too young to even really know what was happening. I




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