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7560 2018-11-19 17:42:23 PrankWizard (unaffiliated/prankwizard): #ubuntu has a problem searching your brains. hi nicomachus: I don't see a channel named "privmsg" prankwizard is unbanned, but it is not an ubuntu issue leftyfb: that's why I need you to add me. You can connect with me if you want, I don't care who you have a conversation with. why did I get banned after this one specific conversation? nicomachus: there is no pm's channel. It's just a channel which is used to send people messages privately Nygma, please stop that, there is no support going on here yeah I know, but I have a question Nygma, there are other support channels leftyfb: right, but I already did that. so why was I banned after that one conversation? it was not an ubuntu issue nicomachus: to get a channel added, go to the IRC server's menu and join the channel #freenode and send the help channel operator a /msg leftyfb: which help channel? maybe the bot joined you nicomachus: just the standard freenode one well it was an ubuntu issue, because I need support for an ubuntu issue freenode Nygma: how was it ubuntu? because there is no offtopic channel ?? Nygma: you're not on #freenode, are you? which is freenode pranav: type /msg freenode help I was not on #freenode Thank you Nygma:



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