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Join Lucy virtually in her tiny kitchen to learn 'how to' eat clean and more green. She applies her culinary nutritionist knowledge to her kitchen witchery, creating magic meals right before your eyes. 

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Cooking Class

Lucy is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, plant based Chef and long time yogini. Some might consider her a kitchen witch whose magic includes creating meals that are as nutrient dense as they are delicious. She specifically enjoys re-imagining childhood comfort foods into their healthiest, organic and plant based versions.

Belief is Everythiing

Lucy is a true believer that what we choose to put on our plates should be nourishing, energizing, healing AND a delight for the tastebuds. She finds sacred purpose in educating minds and elevating spirits on just how appetizing it can be to truly nourish our bodies. She also teaches how to imbue food with magick. 


Introducing both children and adults alike to the delectable world of plant based, nutrient rich cooking brings her boundless amounts of joy. Join Lucy on 'on demand' right here for Magic Meal Prep and Glo Flo Yoga. 


Watch Now Classes

by Lucy



Watch Now 'On Demand' or join us every New Moon for a New SuperFood Magic Meal Prep Cook Along with Lucy. Join in person/private LA 

Classes; enquire via email

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Glo Flo


A 75 minute sequence to 

brighten your shine. Get your glow on. Join Lucy every Tue to watch the Sunset at The World Famous Santa Monica Pier. This live in person event is now exclusively available with us here at RadiantMindBody