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Learning how to meditate at home is easy if you know how! Allow Radiant MindBody founder Faye to guide you through everything you need to know when building a successful home meditation practice. 




with Faye

Faye Livesey is a Mindfulness Author, Mindset Coach & former British Army Captain. She left the London rat race in 2015 & moved to the beach in Venice where she now lives with her husband and young son. She is certified in teaching Meditation, Emotional Intelligence, Reiki &  Sound Alchemy. She is also an accredited EQi2.0 Assessor & Coach registered with MHS. 

Leading by Example

Everyone is a 'Mindset Coach' these days;

but are they really?

Faye is not only certified in the field, she has lived it. She is a former British Army Captain who trained in leadership & management at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst & served 8 years in command of men & women globally. Faye blends meditation with military style training packages to help you unlock your greatest potential. 

Mindset Mastery

Having seen, first hand, in the most arduous of circumstances the power of the human mind; Faye believes the key to genuine life success lays in Mindset Mastery.

She coaches individuals in how to 'Align The Mind' to the life that you want. She offers practical tools for transformation with the support of live community coaching & support groups in her biannual RTP; Radiant Transformation Program.

Mindfulness Author

As a mother Faye

understands that our little leaders of the future require guidance & support growing practical leadership & communication skills alongside balanced 

emotional intelligence behaviors  She has 4 published children's mindfulness books with accompanying classes right here 'On Demand' at Little Lessons of Light.  For BOOKS - Visit Faye's Amazon Author page here


Watch Now Classes

by Faye



Realign your Mind with this Super charged series of 20 minute guided meditations.




Lay down & let go of the day with this deeply restorative series of 40 min meditations.

Faye's Classe
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