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Fighting Food; Immunity Boosting Super Greens

by nutritionist & plant based chef Lucy Martire for Be-Rad Blog @radiantmindbody

Green superfoods are my absolute FAVORITE superfood and a daily go to...have been for the past 10 years. Living that good ol’ plant based life, they are an essential component to my diet. I even use them to make face masks. I drink a small capful of liquid chlorophyll in my water at least once a day, I add Spirulina to my smoothies and carry chlorella tablets in my purse at all times. I'm truly obsessed!

"But why?" I hear you ask! Read on to learn more...

For one, Spirulina is a rich source of protein weighing in at 60%. That number towers over traditionally popular protein sources such as beef (17%) and soybeans (35%). It is also a generous source of B12, something I am also mindful of making sure I get into my body as the only other substantial source of this important vitamin comes from animals.

Chlorella is the world's highest source of chlorophyll--known to clean the blood as well as create new red blood cells. The poryphin rings present in chlorophyll also aid in liver detoxification. Chlorella is also a good source of many minerals such as selenium and zinc. Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF has also been shown to boost immunity and stimulate the healing of cellular tissues.

There have been VERY few days when I don't consume at least one of these amazing green superfoods and I attribute my consistent and obsessive consumption of these foods to the great deal of energy I enjoy on a daily basis…and I swear by it’s fountain of youth effect!

On the rare occasion where I know I may be drinking more than my usual one to two glasses of wine or alcoholic beverage, I will up my intake of chlorella tablets before drinking and it really seems to stave off the after effects of such an evening. Makes sense, as liver detoxification is one of chlorella's many benefits.

So party on party people, enjoy the holidays and green up!

Love Lucy x


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