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Is it important to eat organic? By Culinary Nutritionist & Plant Based Chef Lucy Martire.

The benefits of eating organic foods are vast. Most notably of course, is the maintenance of the Nutritional Integrity of the food with little to no toxins getting in the way of your bodies ability to absorb all the culinary goodness!

Nutritional Integrity minus all the toxins go hand in hand when it comes to inner wellness and immunity. Not only are we taking in more nutrients per bite, but our bodies are able to upload and assimilate those nutrients much more efficiently without interference from harmful pesticide residues. No matter how healthy a food is, when it's laced with toxic chemicals both from sprayed pesticides and GM seeds that affect the plant systemically, our body now has to go into a fight or flight mode, into the sympathetic nervous system, in a valiant effort to protect our tissues and internal organs from the chemical invaders.

I was amazed and fascinated to learn how pesticides actually kill insects, and how similar their nervous system is with the human nervous system. Eating organic keeps the dynamic communication between the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine and the enzyme Acetylcholine Esterase functioning properly, thereby maintaining the health of our cardio vascular and respiratory systems healthy and strong. No matter how healthy a food is, how alkaline it may be in it's pure form, when laced with pesticides that food is acidic to our system and disrupts our PH balance. This disruption throws off all sorts of things, most notably digestion and immune function.

The Global Effect and Social Justice: Buying organic food is empowering. We vote with our dollar! Every time we purchase organic, we are voting against the industrial food complex. We must demand change, and the best way to do this is to be deliberate in the way that we spend our money. Not only will the food we buy end up providing clean, vital fuel for our mighty mitochondria to produce energy at the cellular level, but we are advocating, in a somewhat political way, for the organic farmer, for those kind, generous and conscious souls who understand the value of honest food (Not to mention the bees vital role in our food supply.)

Caring for ourselves equals care for Mama Earth and vice versa. Love Lucy x

Watch Lucy's full plant based cooking classes here

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