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A Holiday Mindset For Ease and Flow

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The Holiday Season is joyful and fun except when it isn’t. If you’re anything like us, we shift from mental anguish about providing a perfect holiday season for our loved ones to both hands in the air as a signal that we give up.

Do you put too much pressure on yourself by thinking:

-I need to be the perfect parent by providing a perfect holiday to my children

-I have to be the perfect partner and have enough energy to connect each day instead of burnout.

-I have to finish hustling as a Business owner by pushing it to get end of year goals met.

-I have to be the perfect friend and attend all parties, and events.

Make treats, send cards, deck the halls, stay joyous.

Sound familiar? Too often we compare ourselves to what’s happening on social media or what our friends are doing. Is that really necessary? Does overdoing it feel good?

Holiday Mindset for Ease and Flow with Little Lessons of Light

Here’s a few simple reminders to shift your mindset from overwhelm and stress to enjoying the holiday season with flow and ease:

1-Know in advance your holiday priorities.

What are the few things that you want to happen? Do you have a favorite tradition?

Narrow down what is the most important. To do it ALL may be unrealistic but if you can get all the activities done that’s wonderful. However, start at the top to make sure the most important things happen first. We all put so much pressure on ourselves to do it all. Much more at this time of year.

2-Be flexible and accepting of all the things that interrupt your plans.

It’s 2020. We’ve had lots of practice in the ways of patience and flexibility. Just remember that when something comes up contrary to what you want to happen, it’s going to be okay. Take a break to think about your priorities and how you can reset for the most PEACEFUL new outcome.

3-Schedule those daily meditations!!!

Make a daily ritual for yourself to have a moment of clarity, intention, meditation, grounding, or whatever works best for you. Set an alarm, do it first thing in the morning, or have a buddy remind you. This is the most valuable thing you can do during the holiday season to keep calm and carry on.

Your happy attitude is contagious so your family, partner, co-workers, and clients will all feel your joy with a mindset shift to enjoying the flow of what comes during the holidays and every day. Give yourself the gift of grace and love this year by prioritizing, being flexible, and making time for yourself every day.

Holiday Mindset for Ease and Flow with Little Lessons of Light

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