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Workplace Wellness; Does Meditation really work?

-By Mindset Coach & Former British Army Captain Faye Livesey.

When I coach corporate clients one of the top things they want to know is does meditation really work when it comes to the mood and motivation of their employees. My answer, having experienced it work in even the most arduous of circumstances, is always yes. Meditation will help with the over all wellbeing of those who practice it consistently. This, of course leads to greater productivity, positivity, motivation and inspiration; all pretty desirable characteristics of an all star employee.

Using simple guided meditation practices to provide yourself and your employees with a short digital detox break, where they are able to declutter and reset the mind; is the workplace wellness mainstay of the future.

When I host my popular Mindset Matters Meditation, we have 20 minutes to relax and drop into a meaningful meditation before decluttering the mind from the day's events. This has proven to be exceptionally popular as a desktop favorite for those working from home when it comes to restoring some screen time balance in a really healthy and often unexpected way. I will have people from Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in-between on some of my livestream workplace wellness weekly 'team meets'.

As we move back towards in person events I see a Workplace Wellness for Human Resources hybrid emerging. More autonomous working is our new norm. With less face to face leadership opportunities available, it is time to grab the reigns and schedule team leadership meet and greets. This should be a simple and fun 'hang out' with your people face to face, in order to provide a scheduled connection point; and what better way to do that, then with a highly effective wellness and motivation practice.

Workplace Wellness Practices can be done virtually or in person. Find unique outdoor places and spaces to make it happen for you and your team. For LA based organizations we have our signature Radiant MindBody 'Workplace Wellness Accelerator' Events now in person on the iconic Santa Monica Pier. Book space for your team of 10-40 Friday afternoons now through May.

LA Join us FREE on April 23rd in association with The Venice Chamber of Commerce. This open air, in person, 90 minute event takes place on Santa Monica Pier. This taster of 'The Workplace Wellness Accelerator', is a Self Employed & Small Business Special. It also has a totally rad twist as we get chance to speed date style pitch and network safely, socially distanced in the fresh air of the ocean.

To reserve you space visit the events page on

The benefits of meditation in the corporate environment or at home are many. Improved sleep quality, radiant skin, brighter mood, less stress, more enjoyment; the list goes on. Come on out to the pier for your sunshine dose of vitamin d for free as you up level your wellness game.

Hosted by myself and corporate wellness guru Kate Willson, we offer a practical and balanced take on ancient wellness practices which can be integrated into corporate team life or your home working routine easily. Faye first trained in meditation and mindset techniques in preparation for command of soldiers on an operational tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2010.

For more information find us at // @radiantmindbody

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