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Now is always the right time to pursue your dreams.

When is a good time to start pursuing your dreams? Is it when you have the job you want, or the family you desire, or the dream house? Is it when when you have more steady income, or when your kids leave home, or even when you retire?

Take away all the procrastination, negative self talk, unconscious holding patterns and self limiting beliefs and the truth is this; NOW is always a good time to pursue your dreams.

When COVID hit, I took my own advice and launched the company I had always wanted to. A platform to offer balanced physical, mental and emotional wellness classes directly into the homes of others. I find it somewhat ironic that without a pandemic, I may not have been pushed to do it. Yet now we are here, ready and willing to serve you.

It has been a hard 6 months since my last blog post, many changes have occurred in the world and we are all on a different plane of reality physically, mentally and emotionally. Through hard work and collaboration like never before, my dream has come true. Will you now allow us to help you in activating yours?

The Light Shop Blog will have 3 main contributors and several magical guest writers from here on out. We will cover all things wellness, with handy tips, tools and support for navigating our brave new world.

For now let me simply sign off with this... Welcome to Little Lessons of Light; where we wish for you and your whole family to shine bright. Faye x

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